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The process and characteristics of real wood shutter doors a

Characteristics of real wood shutter: solid wood feels strong, pay attention to taste and environmental protection. Based on wood wet go up the drying shrinkage properties, real wood shutter is very strict with the choice of wood, generally choose the best stability basswood (commonly known as the piano wood) as material, through the modern advanced integrated splicing technology is made, in the process of deformation, moistureproof, anticorrosive processing, the production technology is complex, but the product have qualitative feeling more, the characteristics of pure real wood makes it more exalted. So the price is higher, more suitable for high-end customers.


The shutters of the surface USES the original PU yellowing resistant paint processing, strong adhesion, mouldproof, moth-proofing, does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, safe environmental protection, effectively resist ultraviolet radiation effect on the surface.


Real wood shutter doors and Windows with euramerican amorous feelings, elegant style, delicate and perfect; Adjusted the bedroom light, blade 150 degrees of corner stay at any position; Can not only ventilated breathe freely, but also shade resist ultraviolet radiation; Pure real wood manufacturing, lock link, the environmental protection of PU lacquer, shutter dustproof, natural upstarts.

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